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Versatile and Durable Epoxy for Layers up to 1/2 thick

Introducing CHILL CLEAR™ – the versatile and user-friendly clear flood coat epoxy resin designed to meet your project needs. This high-quality resin is perfect for filling cracks, voids, and knots in projects up to 1/2 inch thick. Offering excellent UV resistance and optical clarity. CHILL CLEAR™ is the perfect choice for preserving flowers, protecting wooden tabletops and countertops, or potting LED lights and minor electronic components.

CHILL CLEAR™ is a standout product due to its versatility, made with 100% reactive materials and low viscosity, it’s perfect for casting thin layers up to 0.5 inches thick. Its ease of use and compatibility with different surfaces such as canvas, stone, and wood make it an ideal solution for transparent pieces such as jewelry, coasters, paintings, flood coats, countertops, or topcoats on river tables. The two-component kit includes a resin (part A) and a hardener (part B) that are easy to mix, ensuring a perfect blend.

When it comes to quality, CHILL CLEAR™ delivers. It’s 100% solid, offers high-gloss and self-leveling features, and is both heat and impact resistant. Its water-like viscosity ensures a smooth and clear final product by avoiding bubbles. CHILL CLEAR™ has a pot time of 60 minutes, an ideal working temperature of 22°C/72°F, and a cure time of 24-78 hours. Additionally, it offers extreme mechanical strength and stress resistance, making it perfect for projects up to 1/2″ thick in a single pour.

Overall, CHILL CLEAR™ is the perfect clear flood coat epoxy resin for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Its high-quality specifications, ease of use, and versatility make it the ideal solution for a wide range of projects. Trust CHILL CLEAR™ to get the job done, whether you’re filling cracks or creating a stunning work of art.


  • Ideal Solution for Projects up to 1/2″ Thick: designed to handle projects up to 1/2″ thick in a single pour.
  • Best solution for filling significant cracks, voids, knots, CNC letters, flower preservation, or signs.
  • 100% solid epoxy resin that contains no VOCs, making it a safe and environmentally friendly choice for your projects.
  • High-Gloss Finish: This epoxy resin boasts a high-gloss finish that will leave your projects with a professional and polished look.
  • Self-Leveling and Heat-Resistant: CHILL CLEAR™ is self-leveling, making it easy to apply and producing a smooth, even surface. Additionally, it is heat-resistant, making it ideal for use in high-temperature environments.
  • Durable and Stress-Resistant: highly durable and has extreme mechanical strength and stress resistance, ensuring a long-lasting result.
  • Bubble-Free: CHILL CLEAR™ has a water-like viscosity that helps avoid bubbles, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish.
  • Color Options: You can add a touch of color to your projects with CHILL DROPS™ or metallic pigments.


  • Easy Mixing and Ideal Working Temperature:  mixing ratio of 2:1 by volume or 100/42 by weight
  • Pot Time and Cure Time:  60 minutes at 22°C/72°F and the cure time is 24-78 hours, 
  • Recommended Thickness and Appearance:  1/16″ up to 1/2″ and the cure appearance is optical clarity.
  • Low Viscosity:  low viscosity of 200 CPS mixed, making it easier to penetrate and achieve a better result.
  • Recommended Cleaning Products:  POLY CLEARER™ resin cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.

Maximizing the Performance of CHILL CLEAR™ 

To maximize the performance of CHILL CLEAR™, proper storage and handling are essential. It is recommended to store the product on a pallet or shelf, away from direct contact with the floor and maintain the ideal storage temperature of 22°C with a relative humidity of less than 60%.

Before using the epoxy resin, it is important to mix Parts A and B thoroughly. The mixing ratio is 2 parts of A with 1 part of B by volume (or 100 A / 42 B by weight). To minimize air formation, gently mix the two parts for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes with a metal spatula, scraping the edges and bottom of the container for an even mixture.

The pot life of the system is 60 minutes at 22°C for a mass of 200 grams. It is important to handle the material within the specified time, taking into consideration the ambient temperature. The higher the amount of resin, the shorter the pot life will be.

In the event of uncured material, it can be easily cleaned with POLY CLEARER™ or isopropyl alcohol. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

If you have any questions or require technical support, the team of experts at POLYMERES TECHNOLOGIES is available to assist you. Simply contact us at and we will help you achieve your goals with CHILL CLEAR™ and other epoxy resins. Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist, we’re here to provide you with the best products and support in the field of epoxy resin and polymer technologies.

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