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Welcome to Strange Wood Products.

We are a premier resource for live edge slabs, wood cookies and an assortment of other specialty wood products.

All of our live-edge cookies and slabs come from specially selected trees cut down in an environmentally-friendly way. All areas forested are also involved in reforestation programs. We cut, mill, dry, finish and ship live edge slabs & cookies throughout Ontario and Manitoba.

We work with resellers, interior designers & hobbyists and are committed to providing our clients with unique live edge wood slabs and lumberĀ in a variety of species, shapes and sizes from trees grown in Ontario. We also carry extra large slabs ready for live edge Dining Tables. Create one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture like tables, bar tops, benches, countertops etc.

With 2 locations in Bradford and Thunder Bay, we stock over 500 rough sawn slabs, lumber and rounds (cookies) and ovals which are all ready to be used for your next woodworking project.


• We cut, mill and dry custom live edge pieces and provide customers with high quality products that are long lasting and affordable.

• Strange Wood also finishes and makes custom furniture and wooden art pieces.

• Dimensional Lumber, Structural Beams and Posts.


We have currently have 2 locations in Ontario:


Strange Wood Products Bradford

Located at 692 Simcoe Rd in Bradford, ON just minutes from Highway 400, our Bradford Wood Shop carries a wide selection of finished and unfinished live edge wood products.

Please call 647-985-1059 to book an appointment at our Bradford location.


Strange Wood Products

Located in Strange Township, our Thunder Bay Wood Shop carries a wide selection of finished and unfinished live edge wood products.

This location is where we mill and kiln dry all our lumber.

Please call 807-630-0830 to book an appointment at our Thunder Bay location.